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Shabbat Shira Scholarship

We are pleased to share that we have received access to scholarship dollars through the Angela Gold Music Scholarship Fund


Angela (z"l) was a dynamic songleader, deep lover of people— particularly those who loved singing, was a master teacher and educator, and an active participant for decades in programs like Shabbat Shira, Hava Nashira, and Songleader Boot Camp.


Sadly, Angela died far too young in 2019. Her friends and family have been committed to sharing her love of song, arts, and being in community by creating a scholarship fund in her memory.


We are partnering with Angela’s sister Robin to make two (2) $250 scholarships available to first time or second time returning Shabbat Shira participants, under the age of 35.


Angela’s commitment to young people, teaching music, guitar, and songleading to young kids has inspired us to use the scholarship in her name to ensure that emerging leaders have the opportunity to be in a diverse community of wisdom bearers, expert teachers, and bring new gifts to the community.


To apply for scholarship, please fill out this form by October 1, and after a review, you will be notified by October 10 if you have been selected for one of the two scholarships.


Some may also be interested to pay it forward; we encourage you to donate to Angela’s fund in her memory to support others' desire to be in a sacred community of singers - bringing more harmony to our world.

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