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Shabbat Shira is a collaborative Jewish music retreat which brings together songwriters, songleaders, and worship leaders, to learn new repertoire and share their experiences in building more meaningful singing communities.  Central to the weekend are inspirational, music-fueled Shabbat services and time for rest and renewal.

Program Overview


  • Daily T'filot (prayer experiences)

  • Course learning of about 4 to 6 hours per day: 75-90 minutes in depth explorations of repertoire, new trends, composition with faculty and guests, as well as many hour-long sessions led by participants and teachers alike on diverse topics designed not only to inform, but to create relationships of shared learning and support. 

  • Evening programs of repertoire, new and old, and full-group sharing of new styles and modalities.

  • Participants leading of singing, repertoire, and new skills

  • Joyful shabbat worship and free time.

  • Late-night 'Open Mic' where participants share amazing talents

  • Plenty of free time to rest, sit with a new friend and write a song, troubleshoot a challenging situation in your work, or just take in the beauty of OSRUI's grounds.

  • Late fall in Wisconsin, a wonderful time to enjoy crisp and fresh country air, cozy cabins, and time by the lake.

  • Hours and hours of singing together!

View a sample program schedule (subject to change) and a list of some previous courses. This year's content is being built by our expert faculty and will be shared in early November.

Participants will leave nourished and refreshed, with a fuller toolkit of repertoire, resources, pedagogical ideas for work with children and families, strategies for thinking about leading spiritual moments as well as social justice movements—and, more importantly, relationships with a group of passionate leaders who are driven to build and lead communities of song all over the world. 

New this year is the Shabbat Celebration Pass. Those who can't attend the full conference can register to join us Friday evening through Saturday morning. 

The Shabbat Shira community thrives on instant singing. We often engage live
in the moment without notation, but notation is sometimes offered during the program, and resources are always shared at the conclusion of the program. 
We try to model singing with communities whose members often will not have sheet music and model the best in songleading—for worship, school, justice,
and camp.  

If you cannot attend, but believe in the power of communal singing and would like to support Shabbat Shira and Sing Unto God through a donation, please click here.  To sponsor a scholarship to help defray costs for attendees, please contact Rosalie


Photos by Susan Shane-Linder and Aydin Mayers

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