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Sing Unto God (SUG) is committed to creating meaningful programs, workshops, and events that are informed by the needs and input of the community, and built in collaboration with experts in their field. We believe in elevating our colleagues and peers, showcasing new and diverse voices, and in keeping connected to current trends in songleading and worship. 

Since our launch in January 2022, we have provided opportunities to sing together, to grow as emerging leaders, and to consider new repertoire and ways of prayer. As we have evolved to meet the needs of the community, we have strengthened our focus on teens and young adults, providing them with the skills, resources, and connections they need not just to lead well, but to be an active and valuable part of this community of builders. 

Our commitment is to support communities (congregations, camps, youth groups, emerging gatherings) who understand the value of singing together and believe that it is central to the success of building safe and spiritual places for Jews to gather. We do not just train leaders of song for their own sake, but are focused on helping communities have access to high level songleaders, and feel positioned to ensure that all their communal singing needs are met, now and into the future.

We currently offer:

  • Shabbat Shira at Camp OSRUI, a collaborative Jewish music retreat which brings together songwriters, songleaders, and worship leaders, to learn new repertoire and share their experiences in building more meaningful singing communities, this year featuring Rabbi Ken Chasen and Sue Horowitz.

  • For school-year 2023-2024, Teen Songleader Fellowships: a slate of 3-4 regionally targeted songleading programs and curriculum for teens and their communities, as well as a North American cohort for teens from any city, incorporating in person training, local mentorship and year long engagement with communities who need communal singing support. 

  • Revisioning Summer Sparks. New for Spring/Summer 2024, we will focus on targeted camp songleading support. Stay tuned!

Have an idea for content and learning we could offer? Let us know.

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