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Sing Unto God (SUG) is committed to creating programs, workshops, and events that are informed by the needs and input of the community, and built in collaboration with experts in their field. We believe in elevating our colleagues and peers, showcasing new and diverse voices, and in keeping connected to current trends in songleading and worship.

Our first season of programming was inspirational and informative, with many great lessons, ideas, and lots of good songs and singing.

Over the next few months, we're offering:

  • Teen Songleader Fellowship, a year long songleading training program including on-line learning, a weekend retreat including songleading in religious school, and work in local communities to work on songleading craft.

  • Shabbat Shira, a collaborative Jewish music retreat which brings together songwriters, songleaders, and worship leaders, to learn new repertoire and share their experiences in building more meaningful singing communities.

  • Guitar fundamentals with Zach Singer. Check out the free one-off Pull-Offs, Walk-Downs, and Sus Chords and learn more about the full four-class series that will offer many accessible tools you can use to engage and inspire your congregation simply by making your guitar sound amazing.

  • Prayer Leaders Network, an in development Winter-Spring network of clergy teams looking to explore new ways to think about how we pray in community.

  • Summer Sparks Camp Songleader Development to support camp songleaders as the prepare for Summer 2023.

Have an idea for a program? Let us know.

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