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Shabbat Shira COVID-19 Protocol

In consultation with OSRUI camp staff and other experts, and following Hava Nashira 2022 at OSRUI with no resultant COVID cases, we intend to move ahead with Shabbat Shira 2022 in person.  We may continue to update pieces of this protocol as we learn more over the next few months and continue to consult with local health care professionals.


We require every participant to upload a copy of your vaccination record showing full vaccination as defined by the CDC. If we do not receive your proof of vaccination by November 10th, three weeks before the program, your registration will be cancelled with no refund. You will have the opportunity to upload your record along with housing requests and other forms required after you register. 


In addition, as of August, we are requiring every attendee arrive at camp prepared to show negative results from a PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival at camp. Once on camp, we will require you to take a rapid test we will provide if you show symptoms associated with COVID.

If you come to camp and have a positive PCR test or become ill while on camp and test positive, we will ask you to leave camp within three hours. You will be responsible for your travel off of camp. Please consider what plan you will make if you receive your PCR test result in transit and it is positive for COVID. No refund will be issued in any of these scenarios.


We currently hope to be "mask optional" during programs at Shabbat Shira 2022. Part of the value of this gathering is not only the ability to sing, but to connect with each other panim el panim (face to face). Many of us may prefer to be masked—that is of course acceptable!  Each person should feel free to do what feels right to feel safe. We ask attendees to bring what you think you'll need, and we will have a small number of extra masks on hand.


As of August, OSRUI staff on site will be wearing masks whenever they are with participants.  The dining room requests that people wear masks at the buffet line, so please bring your masks! The staff of OSRUI who will be with us (support staff, leadership, maintenance, kitchen staff) all have been vaccinated and boosted.  

It is possible that for some of you, this will be one of your first large gatherings since the pandemic started. Each person will have a different level of comfort with this experience. We encourage generosity of spirit, patience, and a hearty concern and consideration for the safety of one another in the days leading up to Shabbat Shira and while on camp as we move through this challenging time together.

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