Summer Sparks
Camp Songleader Development

Summer Sparks 2022 was a big success, with over 40 emerging songleaders participating from across movements and systems.

This thoughtfully-designed training program gives young songleaders the skills and confidence they need to create meaningful and inspiring Jewish experiences unique to your camp community.

Participants will learn:


  • How to sing with staff and campers of all ages

  • Strategic planning and communication skills

  • How to collaborate with their songleading team

  • Repertoire old and new that supports worship and camp programming


They will build foundational songleading technique and grow through honest reflection and feedback, in collaboration with peers from across camps and movements.

Summer Sparks is dedicated to development of the next generation of camp songleaders, with representative teachers that embrace an inclusive gender diversity and celebrate forward-looking community building  experiences.

Training includes:

  • Five 90-minute online sessions 

  • One dedicated 30-minute meeting with full camp songleading team

  • After-camp group debrief and year-round networking opportunities

  • Ongoing tracking, support, and connection to learning and leadership opportunities

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In 2022, a Young Judea camp songleader team hoped to build a songleading culture where previously there was not capacity or trained staff.


In a follow-up conversation after Summer Sparks, they reflected to us how wonderful it was to have formal training along with tips on how to songlead, how to teach, and how to plan and track singing for a meaningful summer. Receiving great repertoire for young kids was helpful for them, too.

The songleaders shared with us that they had a wonderful summer of singing because they were set up for success by their senior staff and the Summer Sparks program. They had campers participating in a band, and had new and meaningful repertoire for tefilah and shira for the first time in many years.


It was an excellent start on the building of  a culture of songleading for their camp, and we are proud and honored to partner with them on their journey.

If you have questions or are not associated with a camp but are interested in training, please contact