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Summer Sparks
Camp Songleader Development

Led by Rachel Wolman, this thoughtfully-designed training program gives young songleaders the skills and confidence they need to create meaningful and inspiring Jewish experiences unique to your camp community.

This year, we are offering additional and separate Head Songleader training, which will focus on mentoring, management, and program development.

  • If you register as a full camp, please indicate if your Head Songleaders will be joining us for the separate training sessions so we can plan accordingly.

  • If you are registering as an individual, the extra sessions for Head Songleaders are included and recommended.

Once you submit your registration, we will send you an invoice that you can pay online or by check.

Please fill out this form as a representative of your camp. Once registration is completed we will reach out to gather the contact information for your songleaders for Summer 2023.

We are also offering a $250 discount to Hava Nashira for participants 18 and older, so they can expand their learning and get connected to a network of like-minded peers and professionals. 

Thank you! We look forward to working with you and your team!


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In 2022, a Young Judea camp songleader team hoped to build a songleading culture where previously there was not capacity or trained staff.


In a follow-up conversation after Summer Sparks, they reflected to us how wonderful it was to have formal training along with tips on how to songlead, how to teach, and how to plan and track singing for a meaningful summer. Receiving great repertoire for young kids was helpful for them, too.

The songleaders shared with us that they had a wonderful summer of singing because they were set up for success by their senior staff and the Summer Sparks program. They had campers participating in a band, and had new and meaningful repertoire for tefilah and shira for the first time in many years.


It was an excellent start on the building of  a culture of songleading for their camp, and we are proud and honored to partner with them on their journey.

If you have questions or are not associated with a camp but are interested in training, please contact

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