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Hava Nashira COVID-19 Protocol

As of February 2023, we intend to require proof of vaccination to attend Hava Nashira. Everyone who comes onto camp during the program will have shared proof of vaccination.

As of May 1, 2023, we also will require that each person attending Hava Nashira take an at-home rapid antigen test on Sunday before leaving for Greene Family Camp. You will be asked to show a picture of the negative test result to Rose Snitz upon arrival. An email with this information will be sent to everyone attending as well.


We are mask optional - bring masks for yourself if you choose. We will have extra tests and masks on camp as well.

Below is last year's policy, put together after extensive conversation with numerous experts, professionals, and participants. We are happy to report that we did not have a single case traced back to the conference reported to us.

2022 Covid Policy


In consultation with OSRUI camp staff and others who have begun to run in-person events, we are confident it is safe to move ahead with Hava Nashira 2022 in person.  We may continue to update pieces of this protocol as we learn more from those who are in person over the next few months, and consult with local health care professionals.

May 12, 2022 Update:

We spoke with an epidemiologist today who consults with conferences and camps regard COVID protocols. It is their recommendation that, given our conference entry requirements and the short length of the conference, there is only need to test on camp if you have obvious symptoms. We are asking attendees to bring masks and rapid tests according to their comfort level, and request that the required PCR test be taken as close to arrival as possible while still guaranteeing the results will be available by arrival.

May 6, 2022 Update:

As a community, we ask attendees to be particularly aware of our responsibility to one another in the days leading up to the conference, in preparing to travel, and while traveling. Take extra precaution, and don't assume it is allergies or the familiar spring cold. 

Further, in addition to the PCR test required to be taken 72 hours or less before the start of the conference (and show proof of that test upon entrance to camp), we are asking that each attendee bring at-home rapid tests to check themselves each morning. For those not able to obtain tests on their own, for whatever reason, we will have a small amount on-camp for anyone to use. 

Regarding masks, we are following the lead of many of our congregational communities and, as of this writing, we are still planning for them to be optional on camp. We expect all attendees to support whatever decision anyone wants to make in regards to masking. We ask attendees to bring what you think you'll need, and we will have a small amount of extra masks on hand.


As of March 6th, 2022:

We will require every participant upload a copy of your vaccination record with housing requests and other forms required, after you register. If we do not receive your proof of vaccination by May 8th, three weeks before the program, we will refund your registration, minus the cancellation fee, and release your room.


In addition, as of now, we will require that every attendee arrive at camp prepared to show negative results from a PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival at camp. We will have staff stationed at the airport and at camp for those driving, to check your status. If you come to camp and have a positive PCR test or become ill, we will ask you to leave camp within a reasonable amount of time. Please consider what plan you will make if you receive your PCR test result in transit and it is positive for COVID.


We currently hope to be "mask optional" during programs at Hava Nashira 2022. Part of the value of this gathering is not only the ability to sing, but to connect with each other panim el panim (face to face). Many of us may prefer to be masked—that is of course acceptable!  Each person should feel free do what feels right to feel safe. 


As of early March 2022, OSRUI staff on site will be wearing masks whenever they are with participants.  The dining room requests that people wear masks at the buffet line, so please bring your masks! The staff of OSRUI who will be with us (support staff, leadership, maintenance, kitchen staff) all have been vaccinated and boosted.  

It is likely that for many of you, this will be one of your first large gatherings since the pandemic started. Each person will have a different level of comfort with this experience. We encourage generosity of spirit, patience, and a hearty concern and consideration for the safety of one another as we come out of these challenging two years together.

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