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Sponsoring Staff Mentors

Being a Sponsoring Staff Mentor is an exciting opportunity to guide and strengthen engagement of emerging leaders. You will be helping a new songleader develop their songleading skills, deepen their knowledge of repertoire and communal singing technique, and build meaningful relationships with fellow professionals, as well as with young people and adults within our community.

A Sponsoring Staff Mentor is a local support person (usually a staff member in the community who interacts with songleaders and/or education), who helps participants both reflect on their learning and helps them find opportunities to complete their action assignments.


Participants choose their own Sponsoring Staff Mentor from the adults they already know in their congregation or community. 


Your Sponsoring Staff Member should be someone who:

  • Is local

  • You would like to work with

  • Can give you access to a community to song lead for (religious school, youth group, synagogue prayer) so you can complete the action assignments

  • Someone who knows you and can write a recommendation for you to the Fellowship


By agreeing to be a Sponsoring Staff Mentor, you will be agreeing to:

  • Attend the opening webinar with Cantor Rosalie Will to learn about the full structure of the program

  • Meet monthly with your mentee to:

    • Help them complete action assignments (such as teaching a song or co-leading a Tot Shabbat) and support with logistics, calendar, and staff support to ensure that they are set up for success. You will receive monthly emails so that you know the assignments and needs.

    • Process, debrief and reflect on each project, and offer feedback and success metrics along the way based on those provided by the program leaders.

    • Share in their excitement, commitment and developmental needs as they move through the fellowship as the learning and growing deepens.

    • Fill out 2 questionnaires during the year to let the Program Director know any suggestions for how to help the teens continue their songleading journey.

Please note that teens will need a Sponsoring Mentor in order to participate in this program. 

There are two ways to get started: any interested teen can apply directly, or a community or congregational professional interested in mentoring a songleader can nominate a teen who they would like to sponsor. Click here to apply.


Thank you for your partnership in building up the next generation of Jewish communal leaders!

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