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Teen Songleader Fellowship FAQs

Who should apply for this fellowship?

The SUG Teen Songleading Fellowship is for 8th-12th graders who are ready to take their song leading to the next level. This is a year-long fellowship meant to delve deeper into the craft of song leading for a community. Teens who have some experience leading music – whether it is in their congregation, at school, at camp, in youth group, or in other youth programs – are best suited for this Fellowship.

There are two ways to get started: any interested teen can apply directly, or a community or congregational professional can nominate a teen who they would like to sponsor. Click here to apply.


Do I have to play guitar to be in this fellowship?

You do not have to play guitar to be in the Fellowship.

How much time will it take to be in this fellowship?

Participants should plan on spending approximately 3-5 hours a month on this Fellowship including:

  • One hour with the full cohort on a video call once a month

  • One hour with their local Sponsoring Staff Mentor

  • One to two hours preparing and completing the songleading assignment

Though of course conflicts occasionally come up, we expect that Fellows will make every effort to be on every zoom call.

How much does the Fellowship cost?

There is a $300 fee for accepted songleaders, including the retreat in Baltimore.  Participants are responsible for the cost of travel to the retreat, or for working with their congregation or community to cover those expenses.

What is a Sponsoring Staff Mentor?

In addition to the Program Director and other songleaders, participants will also work with a Sponsoring Staff Mentor. This is a local support person who helps participants both reflect on their learning and helps them find opportunities to complete their action assignments.


Participants will choose their own Sponsoring Staff Mentor from the adults they already know in their congregation or community. Applicants will have until the end of November to provide the name of their Sponsoring Staff Member. A letter and materials will be sent to you after you apply to help you ask a local adult to fulfill this role for you and our team will support you if needed.


How will you decide which applicants are accepted?

While this Fellowship is a very exciting opportunity, we are unfortunately unable to accept all applicants. We look forward to creating a diverse cohort and will be considering:

  • Past general leadership experience

  • Past songleading experience

  • Excitement for the Fellowship

  • Time and opportunity to complete meaningful songleading assignments

  • Recommendation from Sponsoring Staff Mentor

What happens after the Fellowship?

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after the Fellowship, as well as language that can be used on job applications and resumes.

In addition, Fellows will have the opportunity to connect to follow up songleader gatherings, be connected with a wider community of leaders, and be supported into further stages of music and songleading.

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