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Sing Unto God presents

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More than perhaps anything else in the Jewish world, singing has the power to bring our community together in prayer, celebration, and action. The SUG Teen Songleader Fellowship invites young Jewish songleaders to develop their skills, deepen their knowledge of repertoire and communal singing technique, and build meaningful leadership and relationship opportunities in their congregations, camps, and communities.

The SUG Teen Songleading Fellowship will give you the training, experience, and confidence needed to:

  • Find your own voice as a Jewish leader

  • Develop comfort in front of a room

  • Explore how to teach new and familiar songs

  • Sing with and lead diverse age groups

  • Partner with congregational professionals

  • Develop the requisite skills of analysis, process, feedback gathering and self-reflection

  • Explore your own role as a leader to not only become more proficient leaders of communal singing, but also become equipped to engage in ongoing leadership development.

You'll learn from highly regarded experts in the field, receive mentorship from on the ground professionals, and complete projects that share their learning and leadership with their greater Jewish communities.

Apply online now. Applications are due by October 28, 2022.

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My experience at the Songleading Fellowship retreat ended up being one of the best experiences of my life! It truly amazes me how Rosalie could just start singing, and the entire room of fellows would just join in to make this big, beautiful sound. It was SO AMAZING! The Fellowship was one of the best things I've ever done. - Participant

Just a note to say thanks for your teaching of Zach through the last year.  I know he learned a great deal from you and his fellow leaders, and I’m grateful for the way you and they were able to help him become a better leader.  - Staff Mentor

Program Overview

Open to 8th – 12th grade teens from across North America, this prestigious, application-only, 8-month fellowship includes both instructional and experiential learning:

  • A three-day retreat November 11-13, 2022, in synagogues in Baltimore. You'll lead Friday night and Saturday morning worship for the congregation; master class with each other how to teach music; build religious school music rotations and lead them in real time on Sunday morning; and receive useful feedback from peers and congregation professionals.

  • Support from a local, on-the-ground staff mentor (clergy or educator) who will help you complete monthly "action assignments" such as teaching and leading music in your community, and will offer you professional development and support.

  • 8 monthly Zoom meetings from October through May with subject experts on teaching repertoire, pedagogy of working with early childhood students in music, religious school music rep and strategy, prayer and teen leadership, working with staff/professionals, how to memorize songs, how to choose repertoire, how to pivot and have "back-pocket" song plans, and more.

  • The opportunity to learn from a group of like-minded peers who share a love of singing Jewish music, building networks and friendships to last beyond the Fellowship.

  • Ongoing consideration for participation in future songleading gatherings and community programs and events as you move through your leadership journey.

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