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Neil Weinstein

Neil Weinstein



Neil Weinstein has been teaching and leading Jewish music in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1991, serving as a Religion School teacher, cantorial soloist, and High Holiday soloist for a number of congregations.He was Associate Director and later Camp Director of the Raphael H. Levine Camp for Living Judaism in the days before Camp Kalsman existed and honed his songleading skills, as well as mentored others while there.

With a passion for teaching young Jewish musicians, Neil helped found the regional Shir b'Yachad conference to train high-school aged musicians, and later served on the staff of NFTY Nashir Seattle two times.

He has attended either Hava Nashira and/of Shabbat Shira each and every year (minus COVID) since 1997 and considers much of the current and past faculty to be his musical influences and mentors as well.

A licensed CPA, Neil's secret identity is that of corporate controller for a 105-year-old industrial supply company. He serves as Treasuer of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society and served as Treasurer of Temple de Hirsch Sinai (Seattle and Bellevue, WA) for sixteen years.

A graduate of Claremont McKenna College in California, Neil enjoys baseball, playing the guitar, and writing Purim parody songs. He and his wife Denise live in Snoqualmie, Washington, and are extremely proud of their magna opera, Madeline and Noah.

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