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Please click either logo to donate to these two organizations who have created special campaigns to provide support on the ground in Israel:

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Video from this event is also available on our Facebook page.

Click here for a PDF version of the presentation slides.


Below, please find information about pieces each presenter offered, in order of their appearance.

Thank you for creating Sing Unto God, and most recently creating a night of music, solidarity, prayer, and love through music and poetry, just three days after the horrific, unprecedented, attack on Israel. 


I think, for myself anyway, I was numb and yet filled with so many emotions that our collective collaborative caring community helped me to find where I was ... if only for our time together... with friends and colleagues... 


Thank you again for bringing us all together. I have taken so much of the music and poetry into services that I have led since then...and into other's lives... and I have seen the important impact it has made.

--Mitch Gordon

Nigun Ani V’atah (Arik Einstein)

Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Blind Willie Johnson and Willie B. Harris) 

The Hope (Rick Recht)


Our Hope is Not Lost (Chava Mirel) (notation here)

Holy Holiness (Ellen Allard)

B’yado (Craig Taubman)

Tears and Rain: A Prayer for Success in War

Heal Us Now (Leon Sher)

Lo Yisa Goi


Shir LaShalom

Tree of Life (Nefesh Mountain)

If Not Now (Carrie Newcomer)

Nachamu (Elana Arian) 

Sh’ma Koleinu (Debbie Friedman)

Peace Song (Sue Horowitz)

My Heart is in the East 

Our Hearts are in the East 

Coming Home (Jeff Klepper)

Avinu Shebashamayim (Sol Zim)/Shalom Rav (Jeff Klepper & Dan Freelander)

Sim Shalom (Julie Silver)

Min HaMeitzar (Jacob Spike Kraus)

We Remember (Ken Chasen and Yoshi Zweiback)

Oseh Shalom (Nurit Hirsch)

MiShebeirach (Debbie Friedman)

Event Sponsorship

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