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Prayer Leaders Network 

As we all continue to move in a state of transition and possibility,  many clergy teams and prayer leaders are dreaming about reimagining sacred space and praying communities. They are looking to learn from others, to network around shared questions and experiments, and to receive support and participate in conversation guided by other experienced professionals.


Sing Unto God is exploring putting together a Prayer Leaders Network, made up of small groups of prayer leaders from a number of congregations, across movements and denominations, to consider how we think about, experiment, and engage our participants in building new worship visions together.        


If you would like to be notified about this network as it is built, or share with us what support you and your prayer leaders would benefit from please fill out this short form.


We would like to co-create a program that supports you where you are in your wonderings about providing meaningful sacred and spiritual prayer experiences for your communities.

If you have questions or want to discuss, you can contact Rosalie at

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