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Noah Aronson


Noah Aronson has been creating and inspiring audiences with his heartfelt and soulful music for the last 20 years. His music is sung in communities and summer camps around the world and he tours year-round giving concerts and leading music-driven prayer experiences.

Noah graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in piano and jazz composition. While studying, Noah simultaneously held the position of artist in residence at temple Beth Elohim where he continues to serve in this capacity.

Noah moved to NYC in 2008 and interned at Pulse Music and Headroom Studios. He also served as conductor of the Manhattan Hazamir Choir from 2008-2010. Noah completed the prestigious Lehman Engel BMI musical theatre writing program in 2011 while attending night classes at Dubspot electronic music school.

Noah has released 11 albums of original music including his debut solo album ‘Am I Awake’ in 2011. His groundbreaking album entitled ‘The Left Side of the Page’ revolutionized the way contemporary Jewish communities engage with their liturgy.

Through the years, Noah has served on the faculty of Hebrew Union Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music, Hava Nashira, Shabbat Shira, Shirei Chagigah and the Wexner Heritage Foundation and has partnered with countless communities around the world to help people feel more connected in mind and body and spirit through music.

Noah Aronson
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