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Deborah Sacks Mintz


Deborah Sacks Mintz is an educator, practitioner, and facilitator of Jewish communal music, supporting those who seek to deepen their practice of empowered song and connective prayer.  As a musician, Deborah has partnered creatively with a diverse array of voices in the Jewish soundscape; in addition to collaborating on over two dozen albums, she released her debut record of original spiritual music, The Narrow and the Expanse, in 2020 on Rising Song Records. Beloved ongoing artistic projects include Rabbi Josh Warshawsky's Chaverai Nevarech, New Moon Rising with Elana Arian and Chava Mirel, and Joey Weisenberg's Hadar Ensemble. A candidate for rabbinic ordination at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Deborah serves Hadar’s Rising Song Institute as an artist, consultant, and teacher. Learn more at

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