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Tracy Friend

Tracy Friend



Tracy is a Finance Executive and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who currently serves as a Principal at FCM, LLC, where she provides finance, operational and program management expertise for private-equity portfolio companies.

Prior to joining FCM, Tracy spent five years as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for family investment offices. She was responsible for finance and accounting, reporting, strategic planning, technology, human resources, security and philanthropy. Before that, she was Vice President of SAP Finance Globalization at Nielsen, where she led the deployment of SAP to more than 47 countries in South America, Asia, Europe and North America. Earlier, as Nielsen’s Vice President of Billing, Credit and Collections for North America, she effectively offshored key finance functions to an outsourcing partner. Tracy also led the implementation of Six Sigma strategy for Allstate Financial, producing $50M of savings in the program’s first three years.

In addition to her corporate experience, Tracy is an accomplished composer of Jewish music. She began composing at summer camp in the 1970s, where she experienced alternative forms of worship and discovered the power of expressing prayer through music. Whether writing original melodies for ancient prayers or modern interpretations of biblical text, Tracy tries to connect the rich history of the words and stories to the world of today. She has written a variety of music over the years, including recording three CDs of original Jewish liturgical music and composing the score for "Love in the Catskills," a Jewish musical comedy produced in the Chicago area in 1999.

Tracy’s music can be found on many digital platforms, including iTunes and oySongs, and she donates a portion of all music sales to organizations supporting peace in the Middle East.

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