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Sing Unto God (SUG), a non-profit 501c3, works to elevate the practice of communal singing and meaningful worship. Grounded in the values of progressive Judaism, SUG is for any person, congregation, or community who wants to learn about or experience the transformative power of uniting voices.



Sing Unto God (SUG) serves to curate, create, and promote best practices in communal singing and dynamic worship. SUG is driven by the knowledge that human connection is vital to mental health and resilience, and inspired by the long history of singing communities providing strength in the public and private spheres. 


SUG is grounded in progressive Jewish values. As such, it offers a special focus on widening access to the best in Jewish worship and music with the goal of connecting more people more deeply to meaningful Jewish communal experiences.


​Sing Unto God is also the presenting organization for Hava Nashira (Sponsored by Union for Reform Judaism - URJ), the premiere conference for songleaders. Launched in 1992 at Olin-Sang-Ruby Institute by Cantor Jeff Klepper and Debbie Friedman, it is an opportunity for everyone from the beginner to experienced to learn, collaborate, and sing together.

​Sing Unto God was founded and is led by Cantor Rosalie Will. Former congregational clergy for 16 years, Rosalie now works as a consultant for clergy and congregations on issues of worship and music, serves as the lead Worship and Music Consultant for the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ),  and teaches songleaders of all ages. 

Sing Unto God:


  • Produces on-line and on-site conferences for the sharing of repertoire and new practices in the area of prayer and music. 

  • Develops leadership training for young songleaders in congregational, communal, and college spaces as well as mentors young adult songleaders who see their future in communal singing and worship leadership. 

  • Provides year-round training and experiences for independent leaders or congregational teams who want to stay up-to-date with the best thinking, repertoire, and pedagogy in the area of prayer and communal singing. 

  • Curates consultants, offers coaching for clergy and songleaders, and provides access to recorded and printed music publishers.

If you would like more details, please click here for a PDF of FAQs.

We are proud to collaborate with these organizations (in formation) in working toward  a world with more music, meaning, justice, and joy:

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